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Close Your Eyes Roleplay: OOC

You have all the weapons you need.

Close Your Eyes: OOC Community
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title or description

title or description

Sucker Punch
is a 2011 action-fantasy film directed by Zack Snyder.
The film follows a young woman in the 1950's
about to be lobotomized as she attempts to escape an asylum
with her inmate friends.

This is the OOC Community for
Close Your Eyes,
a brand-new roleplay community
for characters from Sucker Punch.
We are currently looking for roleplayers to
fill the positions of several canon characters.
Non-canon characters are equally as welcome.

If you'd like to join our game,
do head down to our roleplay community
for more information.

Feel free to contact either of the
friendly mods regarding any queries.
scarlet_ebony | noisywallflower

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